Day 44/180 Kalbarri Outback


Jackaroo Odometer – 248 410

Interesting to note that although this is my 44th Day on the road, its only about now that its really sinking in that I’ve still go over nearly 140 days of this trip to go…. HOW MUCH BETTER CAN IT REALLY GET?!?!?! I’m having the best time ever!!! Also for the record, this is the first time I’ve been in Western Australia in my life, so everything from here on in is original and the first time for any of it.

Today started much like any other day, checking the surf and deciding breakfast first, or surf first…. lesson number one! After my mistakes in the past, checking heaps of surf spots; I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. SURF! It was pumping… since the sunrise doesn’t light up the ocean very well in the west I don’t have any photos of the surf at first light. The photo above is of the surf after I got out of the water around 10.30am. The wind had come up slightly and it shows. However imagine just how good it was at first light because it was seriously amazing! Perfect left handers rolling down the point.

After the wind picked up the surf was a little rough... time for some breakfast!

After the wind picked up the surf was a little rough… time for some breakfast!

If your not a surfer there isn’t much point in sticking around more then one day in Kalbarri. Unless you plan on learning to surf, that is. Also note that from Kalbarri north you will find it hard to get internet. Don’t plan on being able to post instagram or any other social media content! Keep the photos on file for future reference or blog posts.

The opening river mouth to the ocean from Kalbarri... I suggest not surfing or swimming here... plenty of sharks in the area.

The opening river mouth to the ocean from Kalbarri… I suggest not surfing or swimming here… plenty of sharks in the area.


One one final point before you head north please be aware the regions have a heavy shark population so be sure to ask a local the safest place to swim. Don’t take this lightly… it could save your life!

5 Things to do….

  1. Surf the point just outside of town.
  2. Go Ocean fishing… this is a regular thing from Geralton until Broome.
  3. …hmmmm surfing!?!! Did I mention that.
  4. Kayak up the river
  5. Fishing… definitely fishing!

Something special….

get up early and watch some of the surfing…. the point break allows for a close up view of the surfers and waves. Not often you can be 20m away from the surfers watching them surf!

Best place to Eat….

Local bakery!


ahhaha this is where you need to get your shit sorted! And I don’t mean a just a swag…. you have to be able to unpack and be on the road quickly. However at the same time you need to be comfortable to sleep without misquotes or flies waking you up. As you get further north both of these things will become big factors. Make sure you have solutions of the both bugs thats easy to set up and take down.

Party Time!!!!

no parties.

Travel Tip

After about 40 days you will begin to slip into the holiday lifestyle. However you must remember not to get side tracked. 180 days is only just enough to see the good parts of Australia. Any slacking around, time wasting or just plain partying won’t get you anywhere. Make sure you stay on schedule!

Local Architect

… I’d hirely doubt there is any specific designer in the region worth noting or checking out there projects. However if your keen to get your daily dose of Architecture…… I suggest you pick up a magazine at the local shop. Because there is nothing out here to be seen except beach shacks.


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