Day 51/180 – Coral Bay


Jackaroo Odometer – 249 363

Departing Carnarvon first light I took one last stroll out along the pier before setting off on the highway north.

Highway north from Carnarvon to Coral Bay

Highway north from Carnarvon to Coral Bay

I spend most of the morning on the road seeing the sights…. you will be surprised how little of anything there is out here to see. I few river crossings with no water and possibly the most boring drive on the trip… I’m even thinking at this stage I should have just stayed at Red Bluff! lols Remember not to get stuck in the trap of this place is awesome and not leaving because trust me when I say there is always somewhere better…. you’ll find out later in the trip when I reach Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef just how good a destination can get!

Lets cut to the good stuff; Coral Bay is awesome. Its got a Ningaloo Reef much like the Great Barrier Reef but with a little more surf! Its has amazingly clear water with some great diving. However note this is a fish reserve and although you can swim with great big GT’s you won’t be able to catch them. The region is a protected area and you will need your own boat transport to get out to the fringe reefs, plenty of surf and fishing out here!

Coral Bay Views from the Drones

Coral Bay Views from the Dunes.

I must admit when I arrived in Coral Bay I was surprised at just how small the region is…the town is no more then a few streets. But its a tourist hot spot and has plenty going for it in terms of Natural surroundings. I won’t go into to much detail but I strongly suggest you make sure you have a full day in Coral bay. Try some of the travel charters which take you out diving and I suggest you bring some sunscreen! Its hot and its sunny all day everyday! If your a beach going girl or guy… your going to love the beaches here!

After an afternoon of snorkeling and driving there is nothing better then a cold drink and fresh fish for dinner! Enjoy the town and the beach! Its a great location worth a full day of your 180 days!

5 Things to do….

  1. Swimming in Coral Bay – Bring your snorkeling gear! The water is so blue, so perfect!
  2. Fishing….although you won’t be able to fish in the bay… try somewhere outside of town.
  3. Local charter – take a trip if you have the time and the $$$$
  4. Party nights with other travelers… everyone is up for a few drinks in the caravan park!
  5. Dont forget to enjoy the beach for a few hours! Don’t waste your time with seeing Lake Macleod… its nothing special and your time is better spent at Coral Bay.

Something special….

the snorkeling…. the water is so warm.

Best place to Eat….

Local fish and chips… can’t go wrong!


Caravan park is the best location in town! Right on the beach.

Party Time!!!!

Plenty of tent parties in the local caravan park at Coral Bay, bring your tent and make some new friends.

Travel Tip

Bring your snorkeling gear with you on your travels! You don’t realize how often you use it…. like every destination you travel to north from perth will have a area worth snorkeling! Cheapest thrills for traveling on a budget!





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