Day 53/180 Ningaloo Reef

wahle shark

Jackaroo Odometer 249 459

After some many days on the road feeling like the car is your only home, its nice to take a break and spend some time on the yacht! Bill was happy to let me stay with him out on the boat for a couple of nights and this is in fact what made me fall in love with the idea of owning my own boat and sailing the world! From this day forth my focus has always been to get myself a nice big boat and sail the 7 seas! Its magic and the most iconic symbol of freedom… to sail around the world in your own boat! Something I highly recommend for those with a traveling heart.

Private yacht... the only way to experience the world!

Private yacht… the only way to experience the world!

So I will state the obvious, the night time out on the reef is something magical with the sunsets orange and pinks. The night sky is so alight with stars you almost feel like you can touch them. Its so bright you can get around on the boat without any lights on and just watch the night sky roll over. It helps if your out here on a new moon when the sky is pitch black and not a cloud in the sky! These next two nights were something I’d never forget…. sailing the reef, surfing, fishing and snorkeling with Whale sharks!

This is me enjoying the experience of whale shark tours... epic! Hard to describe how amazing this was...

This is me enjoying the experience of whale shark tours… epic! Hard to describe how amazing this was…

The boat doesn’t need to be luxury, it just needs to be big enough and comfortable enough to move around on and have lounging areas. I think those who know me best will understand now why I think owning your own boat is a must do before you die! Either for the experience or for the loan repayments! hahaha

Chilling on the yacht!

Chilling on the yacht!

Back on the trip, today make sure you organise a yacht charter out to the reef the day before because its an early start. Call ahead from Coral bay and make sure your booked! Once all the positions are filled they legally can’t take anymore people onboard! So get in early…. life waits for nobody!

5 Things to do….

  1. Whale sharks – swimming with them is amazing!
  2. Chilling on the yacht!
  3. watching out for sharks… there everywhere! hahaha
  4. Organise dinner with new friends!
  5. Stop and really take in the day! chances are you won’t be back anytime soon!

Something special….

the water… its so clear and blue!

Best place to Eat….

lunch on the yacht! amazing!


yacht! best night sleep you’ll ever get!

Party Time!!!!


Travel Tip

make sure you get the video with the day charter… you’ll never regret looking back at the videos!