Day 57/180 Karratha to Dampier


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The mining town really does have a sense of industrialization. Big trucks and semi trailers hall down the highway consistently along to Dampier road and the airport is about the only other thing out here you’ll see on your drive. The town or region of Karratha really has its own identity. I think all the guys who work in the town would grow the love the place if you were here for long enough. As a traveller though this is not the place to be spending much of your trip. You can’ get a tour of the factories and you are unlikely to want to visit them either. The place really is just a big industrial degradation of the Australian landscape… if only we didn’t need all this destruction! I won’t harp on about it, but you catch my drift… its not a great reflection of humanity.

North of Karratha Airport

Heading North to Karratha Airport

From here I suggest you take the local road north to Dampier and check out the local waterfront which has some huge ships arriving in port to load. Also get accross to East Intercourse island for some natural scenery. There are local boat trips to the other islands but I wouldn’t recommend using your money here… spend it wisely when you arrive in the the true heart of Northern Australia. Maybe a helicopter ride from Broome or over the Great Barrier Reef. This isn’t a highlight of your trip and I wouldn’t recommend spending more then 24 hours in the town.

Sunset from Dampier...get a good night sleep!

Sunset from Dampier…get a good night sleep!

If you happen to be in the area of the day I suggest you watch the sunset from Dampier and try to relax for the day… you have a big drive ahead to get to Port Headland where you will find a things a little more interesting. If you have the time you can take the road north from Dampier and head out past the gas plant to the tip of Dolphin island. But without a boat you can’t go any further. I didn’t do this trip, but if you do…. let me know if it was worth it?

Get a good night sleep… long days ahead.

5 Things to do….

  1. Take a tour of one of the plants…. I went to one and was refused a tour…. however I do believe if you plan in advance they will give you an escort around …. especially if you a inquiring for a job. Hint Hint “tell them you looking at working here and want to check it out” might open up some doors.
  2. Head north to Dampier and check out the coastal region… not anything like Exmouth!
  3. Enjoy watching some of the huge loads being hauled out by massive road trains
  4. If you have time and a boat head over to Dolphin island… I’m sure there would be some good fishing in the region.
  5. Depending on your timeline you could take a trip out of town to Point Samson or save it for tomorrow.

Something special….

The huge industrial plants in the middle of a nothingness.

Best place to Eat….

not much except the local pub.


You can’t sleep in one of the many industrial accommodations so best you find your own.

Party Time!!!!

maybe on a saturday night…..

Travel Tip

Don’t expect to much in the region so set your expectations too very low.


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