Day 58/180 Port Headland


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Depending on your timeline, you can choose to take today easy and stop in each town along the road to Port Headland or drive directly there. My suggestion is always to take the road less travelled and stop in some of the areas not many people visit! I recommend you stop in at Point Samson from Roebourne for the morning till lunch break. Amazing place with some great views and the natural environment is second only to you walking the area with not another sole in sight. This is only a short drive from Karratha but its worth spending a couple of hours here if you can free up the time!

Empty roads towards Port HeadlandEmpty roads towards Port Headland

After your morning drive you’ll find plenty of time once you reach Port Headland to look around. I suggest you take this time to check out the local sights as I would recommend spending another 24hours in the region. There is the local dock with plenty of big ships in port, worth going for a walk down along the waterfront. The region is quite spaced out and covers a large region so bike riding from one part to another spans much further then you might first imagine. There are also areas which I wouldn’t recommend getting on the roads since you’ll be sharing them with huge trucks and trailers. Best you drive around the wider region if you wish.

Bridge crossing outside Port headland

Bridge crossing outside Port headland

In terms of signs to see its not inspiring and is kind of a testament to the destruction we have on the landscape. The region is totally industrialized and without natural form. You find that most, if not all landscape features are man made and don’t give you the best sense that we are looking after nature. Clearly we put profit before the environment. So I will not discuss the region any further. I wouldn’t come back here if you paid me, and I don’t recommend it as a tourist destination unless you want to open your eyes to the great impact your car and our mining industry is having on the environment. “I will never own another car in my life until it run on something other than petrol!”

5 Things to do….

  1. Take a tour of one of the industrial sectors… if you can?!
  2. Open your eyes to the destruction of the human race. 🙂
  3. You could play a game of golf… seriously. They have a decent golf course!
  4. I can’t think of anything else; Contemplate the destruction and purpose of your everyday…. why are you going to work if only to pay for your car… of which the metal comes from these huge mines …. of which is killing the natural environment. The purpose of your car is to get to work…. only to pay for the car? why do you need the car? …if only to get to work?!
  5. Walk along the waterfront and see for yourself how we are killing our oceans and rivers.

Something special….

The ships coming in to load up and ship out…. crazy big.

Best place to Eat….

Port Samson … nice place worth a stop over!


You can’t sleep in one of the many industrial accommodations so best you find your own. Its not cheap to stay a night here! Bring your swag!

Party Time!!!!

maybe on a saturday night….. I wasn’t here on a saturday but I’m sure the miners and locals have a big night!

Travel Tip

You won’t be inspired by the state of your industrial sector… its not a pretty sight to see so much industry and just about everything out here is destruction in high doses. Stay clear if you don’t want your eyes opened to the truth of human mining and the modern world. (there must be a better way)


The local airport is a cool design…. but that about all you’ll see in terms of good design. Also some of the waterfront art is worth a look as well!




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