Day 59/180 Port Headland to Eighty Mile Beach


Jackaroo Odometer – 250 942 (ebook coming soon)

Depending on what time you arrived yesterday and depending on how much time you’ve used up on your trip will effect how long you should spend in Port Headland. My recommendation is to move on straight away and head north along the eighty mile beach and enjoy some of the amazing scenery! I would say stay a whole day along the beach and enjoy some 4×4 driving at low tide but but its entirely up to you. NOTE ; its illegal to drive on most of the beach… although I didn’t know at the time. (Australia has some stupid rules sometimes… be aware!)

The region is spectacular but be aware, the tides can catch you off guard and leave you and your car racing for higher ground! I recommend cracking out your fishing rod today and spending some time in the solitude down on the beach… chances are you will catch something if you just drop a line in the water. Be aware that the place does have its share of sand sharks and stingrays if your going for  a swim. Best you swim with some friends. You won’t find much in the way of waves… most of the time it will be less then 1ft ankle slappers.

Highway running north from Port Headland... get off the highway with a stop on to eighty mile beach!

Highway running north from Port Headland… get off the highway with a stop on to eighty mile beach!

If you are in the region after a cyclone you might find yourself scoring the odd perfect little waves along this stretch of beach. Unlikely though. I strongly recommend you spend the night here and enjoy a night on the beach with a little open fire and some friends to keep you company. The sunsets are spectacular and its definitely worth the wait to hang here for the night. Waking up on the beach is wonderful and you won’t experience a better location to wake up with the ocean at your door step!

5 Things to do….

  1. Take a long walk down the beach… north or south…. it doesn’t matter. The beach just keeps going as far as you want to walk!
  2. The sunsets are amazing…. enjoy it! Broome is much the same!
  3. Fishing is good… really good if you have the right equipment.
  4. Go for a swim…. just don’t loose sight of the beach….. the sun glare can be very strong out in the water.
  5. Sleep on the beach… your best chance without getting into trouble!

Something special….

The sunset!

Best place to Eat….

Open fire – which ever fish you caught today!


Beach board bag, towel or blow up mattress.

Party Time!!!!

beers by the open fire.

Travel Tip

You should take a day to soak up the sun…. bring sunscreen! Its hots and very very sunny! all day till dusk!


Nothing out here! But if you plan on building out here I might be able to help out.


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