Day 60/180 Eighty Mile Beach to Broome


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Well if I had just a few words to describe the area I’d say “beach boys and girls” plenty of beach. Beach as far as the eye can see. If you want get your 4×4 down at low tide and head north… its a very very nice feeling to get the car onto the sand… just watch out for the tides! They can be surprisingly unpredictable! After a night down on the beach there is nothing better then to start off your morning travelling on the sand…. be careful not to miss a track which leads back up onto the highway!

Beaches south of Broome

Beaches south of Broome

If you arrive in Broome by day 60 your on Fire! That gives you 30 days to do the fitzroy crossing and even experience some of the great northern wilderness! So when I arrived in Broome it was about lunch time which is not enough time to see all of Broome or Clifton beach so plan on spending as much or as little time here in Broome as you wish! Broome is a wonderful little pocket of lush beaches and perfect crystal clear waters! On your way here you will come across Lagrange turn off. Depending on how much fuel you have its up to you if you want to visit the town. I didn’t visit and don’t regret it because I actually ran out of fuel just outside Broome…. hhahahahah Not much to tell except get Road side coverage for your travels!

Perfect blue skies everyday in Broome!

Perfect blue skies everyday in Broome!

If you want to experience Broome you will have to put aside a few days as I’ve already said. But seriously, what a amazing place. The location has a town centre and is a tourist mega with back packers from all over arriving in the town. Its one of those places where you won’t be surprised to meet travelers heading south and those heading north. You can easily make new friends here! But be aware you could blink and two weeks would fly! Time just spots when the days are sunny with perfect blue skies!

I can honestly say I fell in love with the sunny days and the perfect beaches but without surf its not the perfect destination for me. Also be aware that every day you spend here is a day less in the wilderness…. although you could argue this is a good thing if your not really an outback person! More on Broome tomorrow…. I have 30 days to get to Darwin – DAY 90 – Darwin.

Travel Tip

Bring extra fuel – an extra jerry can will go a long way if you’ve been along the eighty mile beach! Also the extra $ paid to have road side coverage if definitely worth it! You never know when something might go wrong!



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