Day 62/180 Broome and Dampier Peninsula

Jackaroo Odometer – 251 319 (ebook coming soon)

This is where you will have to choose your travels according to your vehicle capabilities. If you decide to head north past Melcombe Douglas Crocodile farm you can push right up to the tip of the Peninsula. However, if you don’t have a tough all terrain vehicle I suggest you stick to the main roads unlike myself. This was a day of unfortunate events from flat tires to long hot hours in the sun. Plus…. the heat just kills you at noon. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen!

This was my first off road experience and not my last. However it gives you an idea of the seriousness of the situation of you happen to decide to go 4×4 driving into the Northern Territory. This is also the time for warning! If you don’t have the know how or the experience in the tough terrain I suggest you stick to the main roads!

Nothing much out this way ... a tower to nowhere!

Nothing much out this way … a tower to nowhere!

For me this was a lesson in a Day and taught me that you can’t expect to get to every point in Australia especially within the 180 day limit! So here is my tip for the young traveler on a 6 month visa or less. Cut out as much of the detours as possible and stick with the main roads. Focus on the main cities and don’t bother with driving the dirt tracks. Takes up to much time and is not effective on the petrol. I would however suggest you get a helicopter ride over the region if you can afford the $.

Heading towards Derby

Heading towards Derby

My destination was Derby before sunset, but not without the detour to the tip of the peninsula … although I never actually made it! So after a day on the road when you get into Derby you won’t find much. Infact there is very little in the town at all. So set your expectations to low….very low!

Until tomorrow…. sleep well.

5 Things to do….

  1. Avoid swimming north of Broome …. safety first!
  2. Drive north 4×4 to Dampier Peninsula
  3. Check out the The Crocodile farm outside Broome
  4. Walk along the beach… any beach….. be friendly to the Crocs! hahahaha
  5. Relax… driving is all you have to do!

Something special….

the north tip of Dampier.

Best place to Eat….

anything you can find! there isn’t much


you tent!

Party Time!!!!

Once you leave Broome there is no party till you get to Darwin!

Travel Tip

Have a nice shower before you leave Broome. It will be your last for a while!

Local Architect

Engawa Architects in the north area – they don’t have an website so just contact me should you need assistance.



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